The association
Zilber Vatelot Rampal

A great help for young musicians

The Association Zilbert Vatelot-Rampal, a non profit making association is located in the maison Vatelot-Rampal.

The association was created in 1995 by Roger Zilbert with the support of the aison Vatelot-Rampal. Its ai mis to help young talented  musicians by lending them top instruments.


Conditions for the lending of instruments

Candidates are selected by dossier and will then have an audition in front of the Comity, presided by Jean-Jacques Rampal. The instruments are lent for a year, renewable once.

You can entrust us with your instruments

Owners of instruments can entrust them to the Association Zilbert VAtelot-Rampal and will have all the necessary garantees regarding this loan.

The committee

The Association comity is composed of :

Thérèse Bourou-Rubinsztein, Gérard Caussé, Olivier Charlier, Patrice Fontanarosa, Gaëlle Le Gallic, Suzanne Gessner, Alain Meunier,  Bruno Pasquier, Régis Pasquier, Jean-Jacques Rampal et Roger Zilber.

The instruments of the Zilbert Vatelot-Rampal Association

Violon :

Jean-François Aldric, Paris 1810 Tomaso Balestrieri, Mantoue vers 1770
Sébastien Bernardel « Père » , Paris 1854 Gioffreo Cappa, Saluzzo vers 1690
Gand & Bernardel, Paris 1889 Alessandro Gagliano, Naples vers 1700
Pierre & Hippolyte Silvestre, Lyon 1837 Nicolo Gagliano, Naples vers 1740
Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, Paris 1826 Giambattista Guadagnini, Turin 1784
Giuseppe Peluzzi, Cairo-Montenotte vers 1880

Violoncelle :

Sébastien Bernardel, Paris 1865 – Annibal Fagnola, Turin 1930 –Charles Jacquot, Nancy 1848

Alto :

Giuseppe « il Soldato » » Guadagnini, Turin vers 1790


Luthiers Experts
11 bis, rue Portalis - 75008 Paris

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Monday to Thursday: 10 am-12 pm - 2 pm-6 pm*
Friday: 10 am-12 pm - 2 pm-4 pm
*Closed: Saturday - Sunday

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